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Our Mission: Teach every student with kindness, equity, and empathy.
Our Vision: Educational justice for all.

Sacajawea Community News

June 22nd, 2023

A Message from our Principal

Thank you to the Sacajawea PTA for hosting yet another fabulous family event.

The weather came out for us, as well as 100 or so community members for our Ice Cream Social last night. No ice cream was left un-eaten!

And finally, the question of the week around Sacajawea has been “How was the pie in the face?”

One word, delicious! In partnership,

Barry Fisk
Principal, Sacajawea Elementary

Top Items & Upcoming Events

  • Congratulations to our PTA Award Nominees and Winners! We have many amazing people at Sacajawea, and we truly appreciate all of you! 
  • Our Golden Acorn Awards recognize exemplary and outstanding volunteerism and service to our PTA, school, and community. Winners are:
    • Robin King (Adri & Mieke’s Mom) – Parent Equity Team Chair, Heritage Potluck, Family engagement
    • Jessi Friedrichs (Jack’s Mom) – PTA Treasurer, Move-a-Thon Lead, Community Celebration Lead, Room Parent, Arts & Science Fair
    • Karen Murphy (Leonie’s Mom) – PTA Co-Chair, Packs for Kids, Arts & Culture Committee, Advocate for families, Welcoming and inclusive
  • Our Outstanding Educator Award recognizes a member of the staff who has made exceptional contributions at Sacajawea to enhance the educational outcomes of our students. Winner is:
    • Ryan Schmidt — Best Art Teacher Ever!
  • The Roy Norman SHINE Award is given in honor of Ms. Norman’s (our Admin Secretary of many years) late husband. Roy was an amazing man who fully embodied the SHINE principles at Sacajawea of being Safe, Helpful, Inclusive, Neighborly, and Engaged! Winners are:
    • Karla Sclater (Zack’s Mom) – 6 years at Sac – BLT Member, Grants Team, Arts & Science Fair Lead, Equity Team, NESPA (fund sharing alliance)
    • Erica Cox – Fifth Grade Teacher – Always a SHINE-ing example to her students
    • Laura Riley (Kate’s Mom) – 9 years at Sac – PTA Treasurer, PTA Co-Chair, Membership, Directory, Move-a-Thon Lead, Book Fair Lead, Room Parent
  • Sacajawea Field Day is Tomorrow, June 23rd!  Students absolutely love this event, with games like water balloon monsoon, bean bag toss, football folly, and more.
  • 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony is next Tuesay, June 27th at 6pm! We’re looking for a little more help from 5th grade families (and a few 3rd/4th grade families) in order to make the ceremony and celebration a success.
  • Kindergarten Jump Start Do you know families with an incoming Kindergarten student?  Please share our Jump Start information with them. Thanks to our PTA and Staff Racial Equity Team, Jump Start is happening at Sacajawea August 21 – 25, 2023!
  • Volunteers Make Things Happen at Sacajawea – We Need You! Our dedicated group of parents, grandparents, and community members help make Sacajawea such a wonderful and welcoming school. Our PTA is looking for new ideas and voices. Visit our volunteering page for descriptions and to help make next year even better! Contact Charlene Shanahan with any questions.
    • Featured Volunteer Opportunity: 3-5 Grade BLT (Building Leadership Team) Rep – Participate in bi-weekly or monthly (if alternating with K-2 Rep) meetings. Members of the BLT represent various stakeholders in our school community. Each member stays on the BLT for two years. Their responsibilities are to help with decision making around budget, our Continuous School Improvement Plan, and Professional Development.