Sacajawea Elementary


Student Release Procedures

Distinct Students
Parents of Distinct and Preschool students can meet their students in the school bus zone if they are picking students up from school.  All Disctinct and Preschool students will be walked to the bus zone by teachers and IA’s.

Bus Riders
Bus riders will go directly to their buses.  For the first few days of school, a staff member will walk K and 1 bus riders from the lower playground to the buses.  Students will line up outside the bus door until invited on by the driver.  Bus riders from the Distinct classes and Preschool will be assisted by their teachers and IA’s to get on school buses.

Driver Pick-up
Students can be picked up by car at the back entrance on NE 96th Street (west side of school building).  A staff member will be on hand to assist students.

Boys & Girls Club, other After School Activities
Students going to Boys & Girls Club or other After School Activities can go directly to their meeting locations.  Boys & Girls Club staff will meet K – 1 children on the lower playground and check them in; students in grades 2 – 5 will walk to after school classes or the Club.

Students Walking Home
Students who walk home independently can be released from their classrooms.  They need to walk home, not stay and play.  There is no playground supervision after school.

All Other Students
All other students will be released only to an authorized person.

Individual Parent Pick Up
Parents, if you are picking up your child from his/her classroom, please avoid the downstairs walkway and the upstairs hallway until after the final bell at 2:50.  This will allow students to move safely in the hallway, and give them space to pack up their belongings at their lockers.  It will also avoid disruption of the last few minutes of instructional time.  We encourage you to gather on the playgrounds, on the front porch, or in the cafeteria while you are waiting for the bell to ring.

Students After 3 P.M.
Students not picked up by 3 PM will be brought to the office for a parent phone call.  Children should not stay unsupervised on either playground.