Sacajawea Elementary


Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Sacajawea Elementary

Teacher:  Ryan Schmidt, Room 108

Hello, I’m Mr. Ryan the art teacher at Sacajawea. My philosophy on art education is simple, celebrate creativity at every stage of development! I believe in teaching a strong core foundation in all art and design principles, but more importantly I believe in finding ways to engage elementary age students in creative problem solving and storytelling.

I think that the key to a healthy and successful art program is making art skills attainable through age appropriate subject matter. I don’t find that making your student replicate famous works of art on a regular basis builds an appreciation for creativity or artistic risk taking. I plan each lesson with your child in mind ( I also try to think about myself at their age).

I use visual tools like toys, cartoons and comics hand in hand with important works of art. I try to get our Sacajawea kids excited about art making, whether It’s a self-portrait on paper, or a giant stuffed Coca-Cola bottle in honor of Andy Warhol, or a shoebox diorama of dinosaurs battling over prey.  

Not every student is interested in being an artist, but every student is capable of being a dynamic, innovative creator. I strive to build an art program that encourages fun through exploration, play, messy materials and creative expression.

Visit Mr. Ryan’s Art Corner and check out our student artwork!