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RULER Introductory Information For Families

RULER Family Mood Meter Brochure (posted soon)

At Sacajawea we understand that emotions matter! This year, we are excited to be using RULER, an evidence-based approach to social and emotional learning that helps school communities integrate the teaching of emotional intelligence into daily life. RULER teaches five key emotional intelligence skills. RULER integrates these skills into the academic curriculum and provides opportunities for students and all the key adults involved in their education – teachers, administrators, and family members ? to learn and apply these skills:

  • Recognizing – Identifying emotion in oneself and others by interpreting facial expressions, body language, vocal tones and physiological reactions.
  • Understanding – Knowing the causes and consequences of emotions, including the influence of different emotions on thinking, learning, decisions, and behavior
  • Labeling – Using a wide range of emotion words, developing a rich feeling word vocabulary.
  • Expressing – Knowing how and when to express emotions with different people and in multiple contexts (nonverbal, written, and spoken)
  • Regulating – Developing strategies that help us manage our emotions to support healthy relationships and achieve goals.

What are the positive outcomes of RULER?

  • Improved academic performance (11-12% increase in standardized test scores)
  • Reduced aggression (handling unpleasant feelings in socially acceptable ways)
  • Reduced anxiety
  • More supportive, productive, and compassionate classrooms