Sacajawea Elementary


Health and Fitness

Teacher: Susie Bunker

Hello Sacajawea families,

My name is Susie Bunker, and I am so excited to be teaching Physical Education at Sacajawea this year! I love to spend time outside with family and friends, walking and talking, playing games, swimming, riding bikes, and chasing after balls hit with paddles or rackets. 

In the gym, we follow the SPS curriculum map that connects to the State standards for physical education.  That means we will work on lots of skills, learn how support our own health, work cooperatively, and practice being great teammates.  

In addition to benefitting our physical health, being active in ways we enjoy has the power to lift our moods.  And, learning a skill through practice and persistence in the gym builds confidence and pride that stays with us when we walk out the door.  My goal is for your students to find these opportunities here at Sacajawea!



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