Sacajawea Elementary

Sacajawea Elementary School


Academics at Sacajawea


The Kindergarten through 5th Grade math curriculum is called “enVision Math” and with supplemental curriculum from “Math In Focus.”

We also provide students with differentiated instruction for Grades 2 – 5.  Some 5th grade students are receiving instruction in 6th grade math, using the District Scope and Sequence and the middle school Connected Math Project curriculum.

Social Studies

All grade levels incorporate the school’s Yearly Continental Focus into the social studies curriculum and use “Since Time Immemorial” curriculum.

Kindergarten:   Heroes, Ourselves and Our Families

First Grade:   Families and Neighborhoods Story Path Unit.  The focus is on building communities and relationships both in the classroom and in the world, as well as problem solving and being good citizens.  Students learn the difference between needs and wants, about timelines, and about maps and globes.

Second Grade:   The focus is on Communities and how goods and services are exchanged and used in different communities.  We use The Second Step curriculum to develop students’ social skills.  There is also a unit on the history of slavery and segregation.

Multi-age, 2nd & 3rd Grade:  Identity and Differences, Perseverance and Investigation, Justice and My History.

Fourth Grade:   History and Geography of Washington State.

Fifth Grade:  Early American History from the European Explorers to Colonial America; events leading up to the American Revolution.

Grades 4 & 5:   Family Life and Sexual Health or FLASH, a combination of health and social studies.


The Seattle School District provides a hands-on, minds-on Amplify Science curriculum that changes with each trimester.

Kindergarten:  Wood, Fabric, Animals 2 X 2

First Grade:  Balls & Ramps, Organisms, Weather

Second Grade:   Liquids & Solids, Soils, Balancing & Weighing

Third Grade:   Plant Growth, Sound, Rocks & Minerals

Fourth Grade:   Circuits & Pathways, Food Chemistry, Ecosystems

Fifth Grade:  Microworlds, Land & Water, Models & Designs

The Grades 4 & 5 yearly camping trip to IslandWood Environmental Learning Center on Bainbridge Island is also part of the yearly science curriculum for those grades.

Students at all grade levels are able to explore science individually and present their knowledge to the school community at the yearly Sacajawea Math and Science Fair (February 25 at 6 PM).


Starting in Kindergarten, the foundation of Technology Education at Sacajawea is laid by learning the components of a computer, how to click and drag, and how to use the equipment safely.

In Grades 1 and 2, students use websites to boost their math and literacy skills, while continuing to work on basic computing skills.

Students in Grades 3 through 5 work on word processing, keyboarding, and research skills, as well as creating Power Point presentations.

All students participate in coding activities and projects based on the Yearly Geographic Focus throughout the school year.

Instrumental Music

Grades 4 and 5 students have the option to learn a musical instrument!  Instrumental Music Lessons take place every Monday throughout the day with Mr. Yarr.

Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture Committee Mission Statement

The mission of the Sacajawea Arts and Culture Committee is to create an environment of arts education and appreciation that comes from many different sources, strengthening student skills in the fine arts, crafts, visual and performing arts.

At Sacajawea Elementary, there is a rich commitment to arts and culture.  The school’s Arts and Culture Committee is made up of parents and staff members who organize learning opportunities for the student community which support growth in these areas.  A six-year cycle of a yearly continental focus provides a theme which helps integrate these different programs and school-wide events into various curricula throughout the school year.  The intention of this cultural focus is to promote cultural understanding, celebrate diversity and prepare our students for participation in the global family. 

Advanced Learning

Sacajawea teachers provide the following Advanced Learning Plans for qualified students:
Advanced Learning Plans – Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Multi-age Classrooms.

All information and applications for Advanced Learning is now online.  Please refer to the  Advanced Learning Information on the district website.

English Language Arts (ELA)

At Sacajawea, we use Center for the Collaborative Classroom Curriculum and we teach English Language Arts using the following components:

  • Spelling
  • Reading fluency, accuracy and comprehension
  • Writing for a variety of purposes:  narrative, informational and opinion
  • Differentiated instruction:  teaching students at their current level as well as working to help them progress
  • Student choice in writing topics
  • Student choice in reading interests
  • “Words Their Way” curriculum supports phonemic awareness and spelling proficiency
  • The Daily Five:  small group instruction, individual instruction and student choice
  • Readers/Writers Workshop
  • Global Reading Challenge for 4th and 5th grade students