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Welcome to Ms. Ximena Grollmus's webpage

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Ximena Grollmus
Ximena Grollmus, School Counselor

I am Ms. Ximena, school counselor at Sacajawea. I invite you to have fun exploring the resources on this page.

It is full of books, activities for the whole family, resources for parents/guardians, some guided meditations for all ages, mental health resources and parenting tips.  I will keep adding new activities and more resources regularly.

At Sacajawea we all SHINE!!!

¡¡¡Hola a todos!!!

Soy el consejero en Sacajawea. Invito a las familias a explorar y disfrutar los recursos de esta página.

Podrán encontrar actividades para toda la familia, libros para leer juntos, recursos de salud mental, algunas meditaciones guiadas para todas las edades, y educación de crianza respetuosa, entre otros.  Voy a seguir agregando actividades y más recursos con regularidad.

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Resources for Students & Families

Be the “I” in Kind

How do you feel when you practice kindness? Think of small ways to show kindness during your day. Make a plan for today!

Book read aloud videos: