Sacajawea Elementary

Advanced Learning

Advanced Learning Plans – Grade 1

Advanced Learning Plans – First Grade

First grade teachers strive to meet the needs of ALO learners by differentiating curricula, providing for flexible groupings, encouraging the development of student responsibility, and opportunities for choice. We provide opportunities/materials for extending learning in the classroom. We do make it known to the students that they are responsible for their own learning. The students need to take responsibility and initiative. This promotes self-esteem and self-efficacy, which are valuable life skills. We support and gently nudge students to stretch/challenge themselves at higher levels. Being bored is not an option in an enriching classroom environment.

Reading: Reading a variety of above grade level materials, Accelerated Reader, turning stories into plays and ‘book groups’ for extending comprehension and sheer enjoyment of literature.

Writing: Provide choice. Highly motivating and validating for students; publish finished pieces on the computer, work on a Great Brain Project (this requires parent support at home).

Math: Students work on the same overall objective but at an appropriate developmental level; games tiered assignments, challenge packets and ST Math.