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Welcome Letter from Principal, Rachel Friesen

Dear Sacajawea Community,


Welcome to a brand new year at Sacajawea!  I am thrilled to be joining this wonderful, warm community!  I’ve enjoyed meeting many of you over the summer, and am especially thankful to the PTA board, the Building Leadership Team, our career ladder teachers, custodian and office staff, all of whom have worked to help me learn more about Sacajawea and make a smooth transition into this work.  I’m looking forward to working together with all of the members of our community to facilitate optimal learning experiences for every child at Sacajawea.


The students will return on September 3rd, but teachers and staff have already been working hard behind the scenes to prepare for the upcoming school year.   Please join me in thanking them for their hard work and diligence.  I could not ask for a better staff.  We are all truly fortunate to have them.  Also, I’d like to send out a big thank you to your PTA Board members.  I have already had the pleasure of working with them, and I am confident that our PTA is truly in great hands.


In closing, please join me and the amazing staff of Sacajawea Elementary, in making this the very best school year of all for our children, filled with learning, growth, adventure and fun.


In Partnership,


Rachel Friesen, Principal

Sacajawea Elementary

(252) 252-5550



The following is important information I need to share with everyone before school starts:


Classroom Assignments:

Classroom assignments will be communicated by email this year.  Families should receive information through school messenger on Thursday, August 28th.  If you do not hear from us, you may call the office on Tuesday, September 2nd to find out what classroom your child will join this year.


Student Safety

The Knickerbocker Pedestrian Bridge over Thornton Creek will be part of a construction site for the first few weeks of school.  Please see  for safe walking route information.


Playground construction will be ongoing throughout this school year. We are changing our recess schedule in order to provide more supervision, and are working on strategies to keep students safe and having fun on the playground.  Construction vehicles entering and leaving the school will be restricted in terms of what time, and what routes they can take and we are working with the construction team to ensure the safety of all students.


Students will be released after school in different ways depending on their after school plans.  While some of these procedures may be new, they are important in ensuring the safety of each child. 

-          Parents, please make sure your child’s teacher knows his or her after school plans, and communicate changes such as going to a friend’s house, staying for an after school activity, or riding/not riding the bus to the teacher.

-          Students in the SM4 Classes and preschool that don’t ride the bus can be picked up from their classrooms rather than going to the playground.

-          Bus riders will be released from the playground to go directly to their busses

o   For the first few days of school, a staff member will pick up k and 1 riders from the playground and walk them to their busses

o   Students will line up outside the bus door until invited on by the driver

o   Bus riders in the SM4 classes and preschool will be assisted by their teachers and Instructional Assistants rather than going to the playground. 

-          Driver parent pick-up

o   Students can be picked up by car at the back entrance on 96th street.  A staff member will be on hand to assist them.

-          Students going to Boys and Girls club or after school activities will be released to go from the playground.

o   B&G club will meet children and check them in

o   Students will walk to after school clubs and classes

-          Students who walk home independently will be released from the lower playground.  They need to walk home, not stay and play.

-          Teachers will walk all other students to the lower playground and release them only to an authorized person.  Anyone not picked up by 3:00 will be brought to the office for a parent phone call.  Children will not be allowed to stay unsupervised on either playground.  This is particularly important during our ongoing construction.


New Staff and Programs

This year, we are joined by several new programs and staff members that are looking forward to meeting you and your children.  Please join me in welcoming:


A second self-contained Special Education classroom:

Our new SM4 Teacher, Yelena Sidorko has already brought the benefit of her work as an Instructional Assistant.  Now we can congratulate her and welcome her into her new role.  I know she will be a great fit for our students going forward.  Two instructional assistants, Sarah Matthews and Paul Beard will join the team to support students in this program.  We are also in the process of hiring one more instructional assistant for our SM4 classrooms.


A Developmental Preschool program:

This existing program was originally housed at Pinehurst.  We are excited to welcome them to Sacajawea, and look forward to serving pre-kindergarten students.  One teacher, Danielle Meir, and one instructional assistant, Erika Engelhardt, will be joining us from the existing program.  In addition teacher, Anya Dale, and instructional assistants Denise Teagle, and Laurie Easton, along with one other instructional assistant, will also be joining us at Sacajawea. 


Important Dates

Welcome Potluck and Kindergarten Open House

Tuesday, September 2nd 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Kindergarten classrooms will be open from 5:30 to 6:00


Then, join us on the lower playground for a picnic.  This is a great time to make connections and get to know other Sacajawea families and staff.


The PTA is encouraging families to bring food to share based on where their last name falls in the alphabet:

·         A-E Salad, F-L Main Dish, M-Q Dessert, and R-Z family-friendly drinks

·         Please bring a serving utensil if your dish needs one.

·         If possible, please bring a list of ingredients that can be displayed near your dish.

·         You may also want to bring chairs or blankets to sit on. 


Welcome Tea

Tuesday, September 3,   8:45 am

Meet your PTA officers, Sacajawea families, and me!


Island Wood

4th and 5th grade students will be leaving for Island Wood on Monday, September 8th.  Parents should plan to attend the information and curriculum night on Thursday, September 4th beginning at 6PM.



Walking To Sacajawea
Walking to Sacajawea?  Please take a look at this important safety information about construction along the pedestrian bridge route.

Sacajawea Summer Play Dates
Please join other Sacajawea families for the last play date before school begins.  New Kindergarten families are especially invited to come and meet other parents and their students.

Sunday, August 31 from 2 - 3 PM at Sacajawea Lower playground - hosted by Naomi Wilson
New School Year Welcome Events
Please join the Sacajawea community for two "Welcome Back" events:

Welcome Back to School Potluck, Tuesday, September 2, 5:30 - 7:30 on the Sacajawea Lower Playground.

Welcome Tea, Wednesday, September 3 at 9 AM.  All are welcome to--meet other parents, PTA Board members and committee chairs.
First Day Student Packet - Help Needed at School
Sacajawea Office Staff could use some help on the day before school begins:  Tuesday, September 2.

Can you spare some time to help us put together the first day student packets?  Time TBD.  Watch this space for the time we'll begin.
The Seattle School District has implemented new rules and requirements for volunteering.  Please note that every school volunteer (Sacajawea family member or community member) must complete the following three requirements annually:

1)  Complete the WATCH background check form:

2)  Read the Seattle School District Volunteer Policy:

3)  Read the "Volunteer Handbook."  It is located on the right hand side of the linked page below.  Sign pages 18 & 19 and return them to Sacajawea Volunteer Coordinator, Ki Pemberton.

Additionally, volunteers who are community members (not Sacajawea parents) should complete the Volunteer Application located on the right hand side of this page:

One time only for all volunteers:  Complete the online video course "Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention"
using the link below.  Sign and print the "Award of Excellence" at the end of the course and turn in to school office.

Please contact the school office if you have any questions:  206-252-5550.

Quick Link For Seattle Public Schools Volunteers
Information For New Sacajawea Families
New families should have received "Welcome to Sacajawea" information in the mail.  If you did not receive information, it is available through the links below:


Kindergarten SM4


Grades 1 - 5

Please phone the Sacajawea School Office at 206-252-5550 if you have any questions.  Office hours are 7:30 - 4 PM on school days.

Sacajawea Events
Please mark your calendars for the following events:   
      Wednesday, September 3 - First day of school; school begins at 8:40 AM

      Thursday, September 4 - Curriculum Night/IslandWood meeting for 4th and 5th grade families  

      Monday, September 8 - 11 - 4th, 5th grade students to IslandWood Camp   



November 2014 Parent Teacher Conferences
Families:  please make a note about Sacajawea's Parent Teacher Conference Schedule in November, 2014.  Staff will vote in August about which days are conference days, but they have traditionally been on the Saturday, Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving Day.  We want to alert parents to this schedule so that you won't schedule out-of-town vacation plans and miss being able to attend your student's conference.
Upcoming Events
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Sacajawea Daily Schedule

7:30 - School office opens
8:25 - Playground supervision & school breakfast
8:40 - School begins
8:45 - Tardy bell rings
2:50 - School day ends

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