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    Letter from Principal Friesen About the Equity Team

    Sacajawea Equity Team Mission

    Understanding that education is power, we want to create an environment that removes barriers and biases to truly allow equal opportunity to our children, and encourage respectful and healthy dialog about our differences, creating a community that understands and addresses our own biases on gender, race, ability, and sex, and making Sacajawea Elementary an inclusive community where everyone is respected and welcomed.

    About Us

    Sacajawea’s Equity Team was formed in the Fall of 2015. We applied and were chosen to be one of the District’s Equity Team schools, which gives our team training and support from the Department of Equity and Race Relations. We are a group of parents and staff members. We meet the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month at 3:15 PM. All are welcome!

    For the 2016-17school year, Equity Team plans include:
    • Several staff meetings and/or early release days given over to equity work which may include partnership with an outside expert.
    • We hope to host workshops and /or a forum for staff and families to learn about racism, and how to address it in ourselves, with our children and in the world
    • We plan to hold 2 Heritage Potlucks to continue to celebrate all of the different people in our community.
    • We will take a critical look at our teaching practice around the issues of racism and diversity, and at the content of our curricula, books, and resources to ensure that they represent and include people of all kinds. We will look for resources to enhance our classrooms and school libraries with a focus on diversity.
    • An Equity Team newsletter will include information on how to connect with the team and how to be involved.  We welcome your partnership.