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    Our Mission: Teach every student with kindness, equity, and empathy.
    Our Vision: Educational justice for all.

    Sacajawea Community News

    Apr. 22nd, 2021

    Top Items This Week & Upcoming School Events

    • Need Reimbursement From the PTA?: Your receipts are due now! 
      Please get your receipts into Nicole MacKenzie (, as soon as possible.
    • End of Day Car Pick Up Procedure Change: Car pick up will be moved to the front of the school on 20th for better safety.
    • Pack for Kids Donations: Please bring your Packs for Kids donations to school or other donations drop off sites by Wednesday morning. See our list of needs and to Sign up to donate now.
    • Order your 2020-2021 Sacajawea Yearbook: Copies are limited, order now to reserve one for your student.  
    • Upcoming community events - check out the collection of community events compiled by our Parent Racial Equity Team
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    Dear Sacajawea Community,
    Over the past few weeks, the Sacajawea educators and I have been reading Mediocre: the Dangerous Legacy of White Male America by Ijeoma Oluo. When we first chose the book, I had a plan to invite our community into the experience of reading with us by posting reflections or questions to go along with each section of reading.  However, as I’ve gotten into the book, I’ve found it so full of information and ideas that it is hard to break it down into reflections that might not be meaningful to anyone who is not reading along with us.  So, I haven’t done what I had planned. In this space today, I’d like to highlight the idea of “works according to design” that is threaded throughout the book. Oluo’s thorough research of many aspects of U.S. culture and history shows in multiple ways how White male supremacy has been intentionally built into this society. Through examination of historical events, time periods, and people she shows how this design has worked to keep the highest level of privilege in the hands of the few. In many discussions, staff members and I have noted how we see ourselves clearly throughout the book.  As I begin reading the final chapters, I am inspired to think that if racism and misogyny work by design, they can also be dismantled by design.  That is the work we have to do. If you are reading or have read the book, I’d love to hear from you about what you are discovering.  If you haven’t read it, I recommend it!
    In Partnership,
    Rachel Friesen, Principal 


    Volunteering makes a BIG Difference

    Check out the school PTA website for volunteer opportunities or email the school Volunteer Coordinator, Charlene Shanahan:

    School Updates

    End of Day Car Pick Up Procedures Change

    Over the past two school week’s we’ve been assessing how our return-to-in-person procedures have been working. After several observations of our after-school car pick up procedures, I’ve decided that we need to move all car pick-up to the front of the school on 20th.  In the back, on 96th street, the street is narrow, and traffic is two-way even during after school pick up times and many walkers cross the street to go up the hill.  This causes a narrow area, with limited visibility to be very crowded, with too much mixing between pedestrians, community vehicles such as trash trucks, mail carriers and deliveries, and families picking up in cars.  At the front entrance, we can load 3 cars at a time, have a strait pathway for a line, and the road is wider.  Here are the procedures for the front of school car pick up.
    1. Please travel south only on 20th Ave. coming from 98th St. toward the school. 
    2. Just like at drop off time, cars should pull to the curb in order of arrival and wait to load until they are in the front three numbered spaces.
    3. When you arrive, please put your child’s car pick up sign in the window so school staff can see it. Your child/children will wait with teachers until they are called by walkie talkie. We’ll call when you are farther back in line, expecting that by the time you get to the front three spots, they will be ready to get into your car and go.
    4. As you are leaving, please proceed south on 20th and use 94th or 90th to get to 15th or Lake City Way if you need to go North.
    If you and/or your children are walking home, or you wish to park and walk in to pick up your child, please use the upper playground entrance through Sacajawea Park, or the 96th street entrance to the lower playground.  This will keep most pedestrians out of the pathway of cars and buses in front of the school. If you must leave by way of 20th, please be sure to use the crosswalk if you need to cross 20th.

    Order your 2020-2021 Yearbook! Copies are limited!

    Quantities are limited, reserve your copy of the yearbook today!
    Order deadline is 06/01/2021.

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    PTA Updates

    Need Reimbursement From the PTA?

    Your receipts are due now!

    The PTA’s books close at the end of June along with the school year, so if you have been holding onto any receipts that need reimbursing, please get them into Nicole MacKenzie (, as soon as possible.

    If you need an electronic copy of the reimbursement form, please let Nicole know.  (Similarly, please cash your checks as soon as you receive them so everything hits this year’s budget.)  Thanks!

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    Parent Equity Team, Updates & Upcoming Events:

    1. Author Visit with Duncan Tonatiuh. Apr 29 from 3:00pm–4:00pm. Free.

    2. NAAM Presents It Takes a Village: Critical Thinking & The Cultivation of Your True Self With Dr. Cornel West and Dr. Ralina Joseph. Apr 29 at 5:00pm. Free.

    3. 10th Annual Stand Against Racism with Ijeoma Oluo. Apr 30 at 11:45am. Free.

    4. Celebrate Día! Various events through May 1. Free, registration required.

    5. Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebration. May 2 from 12:00pm–2:00pm. Free.

    6. ArtVenture - Memories of Home—Poetry & Performance Workshop Series with Carlynn Newhouse. May 2 from 1:00pm–2:30pm. Free.

    7. In Community We Flourish - Enduring COVID-19 - Stories from our Transforming World. May 5 from 12:00pm–1:00pm. Free.

    8. 35th Annual Powwow. Through May 6. Free.

    9. Kodomo no Hi Japanese Children's Day Festival. May 1–30. Free.

    10. Jacob Lawrence The American Struggle. Through May 23 at SAM. $20 adult; $13 Age 15-18; 14 and younger free.

    11. Free First Thursday at SAM, MOHAI and the Burke. May 6. Free.

    Next Equity Team meeting:
    Wednesday May 5 @ 7 pm

    Contact for more info and meeting links.

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