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    Our Mission: Teach every student with kindness, equity, and empathy.
    Our Vision: Educational justice for all.

    Sacajawea Community News

    Mar. 25th, 2021

    Top Items This Week & Upcoming School Events

    • Pack for Kids Donations: See our list of needs and to Sign up to donate now.
    • Preparing for a change in School Routine; In-Person or Remote Learning: Our wonderful school counselor has compiled some helpful tips to make the changes a little smoother. (more...)
    • Support the PTA's Spring Ask Fundraiser. We're raising $25,000 to support music, racial equity team events, tutors, support coordinators, and more. Help us by making a contribution today.
    • Black Lives Matter at School - Year of Purpose: Student Activists Highlight the Power of Empathy and Loving Engagement. Equity is celebrating Barbara Johns and present-day student activists Thandiwe Abdullah, Jerome Foster II, and Marley Dias. (more...)
    • Upcoming community events - check out the collection of community events compiled by our Parent Racial Equity Team (more...)
    • Stone Soup Theatre: Spring is in the air! Get your kids to "Act Out" - Outside! Spring programs starting soon!
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    Dear Sacajawea Community,

    I enjoyed seeing many of you at our Q&A Session about the upcoming in person and remote learning options. Be on the lookout for parent orientation information from me in the next few days.  I will send out an invitation to a live orientation session, and will post materials to our school website between now and the weekend.

    Today, I am using this space to address the increase in incidences of anti-Asian violence since the beginning of the pandemic. The Sacajawea community stands for unity, justice, and inclusion.  Our mission is to Teach Every student with kindness, equity and empathy and our vision is Educational Justice for All. These statements affirm the kind of community we strive to be. In the face of the ongoing racial violence around us, we must continue our commitment to being an actively anti-racist, inclusive community and to do what is in our circle of influence to help create a different world for every child and family.

    We are still determined to actively dismantle the systemic bias and institutional racism that exists throughout our society and education system. We will continue to do this through our focus on Racial Equity, including culturally responsive teaching practices and professional development;  maintaining a welcoming environment; addressing bias in our discipline and teaching practices; and choosing our learning resources in ways that honor diversity and inclusivity.  Most importantly, we will continue - through actions, words, and our example - to teach the students in our care to value all people, and to understand and respond to injustices. 

    To our Asian Pacific American community, you are a valued part of the Sacajawea Community, and we stand together against these acts of intolerance.

    In Partnership and solidarity,
    Rachel Friesen, Principal

    Here are some resources you might find helpful:


    Volunteering makes a BIG Difference

    Check out the school PTA website for volunteer opportunities or email the school Volunteer Coordinator, Charlene Shanahan:

    School Updates

    Preparing for a change in School Routine; In-Person or Remote Learning:

    To help our school community navigate the many school routine changes coming up our very own school counselor, Ms Ximena Grollmus has prepared some helpful tips that will help set us up for success. Click here to view them all!

    If you have doubts about your child’s mental health, let the school know. Talk to teachers and counselor.  We can provide support and information about services to students in need of extra support.

    Contact the school counselor, Ms Ximena Grollmus.  In her Seesaw page or by  e-mail

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    PTA Updates

    Help Us Raise $25,000 for Sacajawea

    With your help, the PTA is raising $25,000 to maintain support for programs like instrumental music for 4th and 5th graders and visiting musicians for K-3, investments in equity team initiatives and tutors, annual stipends for our teachers, field-trip buses, and continuing the important work of our volunteer and family support coordinators.

    Please consider making a donation between March 16 and April 4 to help us continue to provide the full range of support and enrichment opportunities for every Sacajawea student next school year.

    Please, read our full ask and consider making a donation today.


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    Parent Racial Equity Team, Updates & Events

    Black Lives Matter at School - Year of Purpose 

    Student Activists Highlight the Power of Empathy and Loving Engagement

    This month, the Sacajawea’s Parent Racial Equity Team celebrates Barbara Johns, a Black youth activist in the early 1950s, along with present-day student activists who continue her work to achieve racial equity and justice. This month’s guiding principle focuses on engaging others with the intent to learn about and connect with them, as well as practicing justice, liberation and peace in our interactions with others. We share the determination of Barbara Johns, Thandiwe Abdullah, Jerome Foster II, and Marley Dias with the intent to encourage our community’s continued engagement with Black Lives Matter at School Year of Purpose. Our goal is to empower parents and students to do the necessary work to achieve racial equity and justice.  Continue reading in English.  Continue reading in Spanish.

    1. Passover Around the World Virtual Cooking Classes. Mar 25. Free.

    2. We Are Not Silent: Rally Against AAPI Hate. Mar 25 from 5:00pm–6:00pm in Hing Hay Park. Also in Burien on 3/26, Kent and Monroe on 3/27. In-person, masks required.

    3. FareStart Guest Chef Night at Home. Mar 25 from 5:00pm–6:00pm. Free.

    4. Keepers Of Nations—The Power Of Women Of African Descent. Mar 26 from 12:00pm–1:30pm. Free.

    5. Chinook Ikanum (stories/myths) - The Lifeways and Stories reflected in Guests from the Great River with The Burke. Mar 26 from 5:30pm–7:00pm. $5.

    6. Celebrate Holi: Spring Festival of Colors from India! Mar 27 from 10:00am–11:00am. Free, registration required.

    7. Spring Social: A Season Long Inclusion Festival! Mar 27 from 11:00am–12:30pm. Free.

    8. MoPop Family Program: Exploring Protest Music and Social Action. Mar 27 from 1:00pm–4:00pm. $12.

    9. Our Stories, Our Voices - Culturally Diverse Parents Raising Children with Disabilities. Mar 27 from 2:00pm–3:00pm. Free, registration required.

    10. Vibha Seattle Holi Celebration with Music, Art and Dance. Mar 28 from 10:00am–12:00pm. $25.

    11. NAAM's Descendants Series - A'Lelia Bundles Great Granddaughter of Madam CJ Walker. Mar 28 from 3:00pm–4:00pm. $5–$20.

    Next Equity Team meeting:

    Wednesday Apr 7 @ 7 pm

    Contact for more info and meeting links.

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    Community News

    Stone Soup Theatre:

    Spring is in the air!  Get your kids to "Act Out" - Outside!

    Outdoor Spring Programs Starting in less than 2 weeks! Performance Programs - Stone Soup Theatre

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