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    Racial Equity Team

    Part of Sacajawea’s school mission is to “compassionately educate for human greatness as an inclusive community.” However, racism is a far-reaching problem that requires continual and active work to uproot. During the 2015-16 school year, several racist incidents occurred among Sacajawea students. It was an upsetting reminder that the Sacajawea community was not protected from exposure to racism and negative narratives about people of color. Part of the school’s response was to create the Racial Equity Team to help the staff and community gain the expertise needed to address racism within Sacajawea.

    The Racial Equity Team was formed in hopes of creating awareness in the community about how racism affects the daily lives of students as well as their families. Its goal is to eliminate or greatly decrease incidents of racism at school as well as in the community at large.

    About Us

    Sacajawea’s Equity Team was formed in the Fall of 2015. We applied and were chosen to be one of the District’s Equity Team schools, which gives our team training and support from the Department of Equity and Race Relations. Originally, the team was made up of parents, community members and educators. As the work became more focused, we became two - the Parent Team and the Educator Team. The Educator Equity Team meets two Thursdays a month after school. The Parent Equity Team meets once a month (usually the first Wednesday) at 6 p.m. in the Library. All are welcome at both meetings!

    Want to get involved in our Racial Equity Team? email our parent team