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    102 Community News

                               Week of December 9-13, 2019




    There’s a definite chill in the air! Who knows…maybe snow for the holidays?😊 I hope the weekend was good for your family – it’s a very busy time of year. Stay warm and healthy as we head into winter.


    Our week-and-more lesson this week in Room 102 math is understanding multiplication as comparison. We will look at multiplication and factors. We won’t have a quiz on Friday, it will happen next week. Remember, we are asking for 5-10 minutes of single-digit fact practice each night to build fluency for all homeroom 102 students, whether you are in room 101 math, P2 math, room 103 math, or room 102 math. Automaticity with the basic single digit multiplication facts will be very helpful to students as they move on with their math learning in the years ahead.


     In Reading, we are focusing on myths and asking ourselves if our questions from the text are answered directly, indirectly, or maybe not at all. Then we are gaining more understanding on how the answers to indirect questions are inferences we are making about what is happening in the text. In Writing, we are doing a week-long guided practice performance task about narrative writing. The topic is the Oregon Trail of the mid-1800’s. The first three days of the week, we learn together; then, the last two days, students apply what they’ve learned and write their own fiction piece about the topic.


              We do more with Microworlds science during the last school days of December.


              And, in social studies, we will start our work on the North American continental focus and fourth graders will be studying the Revolutionary War and colonial America throughout the year at certain times of the week when I’m only with them and third graders are in room 101 for music with Mary and Carmen. (Music is a k-3 program at Sacajawea).


              One, last thing. Thank you to those families who contributed to the Room 102 library from the book sale last week. We have some fun titles to add to our collection. It was very kind of you to think of us!

    Upcoming Events


    Friday and Saturday, December 13 and 14: Sacajawea Play: “The Hobbit” at 7pm


    Wednesday, December 18: NEST groups meet and do an activity from 12:15-12:55p


    Thursday, December 19: Progress Assessments go home


    Friday, December 20: 1-hour early dismissal for Winter Break


    Monday, December 23-Friday, January 3: Seattle Schools Winter Break


    Monday, January 13: Instrumental Music Concert, 6pm


    Student Homework



    Continue reading those good fit chapter books.  Read 20-30 minutes, 5 days a week outside of school.  Students are welcome to “check out” a book from the Room 102 library at their current reading level if this helps for home reading. You can also ask me for suggestions on books based on what they are choosing to read at school. Consider all those important elements of stories we’ve been learning about when you are reading your books: characters, setting, plot, point of view and conflict or problem. Share how one of your main characters change or develop; discuss the conflict or problem that is happening and predict what you think might happen in with the plot. Or, share some direct or indirect questions that have been running through your mind while you’ve been reading.J



    Practice your math facts – single digit addition, subtraction, multiplication each night for 5 minutes. 














    Please remember to clean out your binder.  If you have old work or graded work that we are finished with at school, keep it home.


    Proper binder order:

    Notes Home = Left hand pocket of binder’s cover (Home pocket)

    Pencil pouch = On top of first tab divider. 

    Monthly Calendar

    1st tab divider = Homework section (for Homeroom’s homework)

    2nd tab divider = Math (math classwork and math homework)

    3rd tab divider = ELA (English Language Arts – reading and writing)

    4th tab divider = S/SS (Science and Social Studies)

    5th tab divider = Other (for other subjects)

    A small paper supply goes at the end of the binder.



    Please email me at: