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    102 Community News

                               Week of December 2-6, 2019




    It’s December already! Wow! How did that happen?


    We’re continuing our work with multiplication and division this week in Room 102 math. This week-long lesson focuses on strategies for solving word problems.


     Reading and Writing are filled to the rim with great learning! In reading, we continue our work with analyzing text structure. Students are connecting with how we ask questions all the time while we read through our texts. In writing, we’re taking a week to introduce our on-going efforts in sentence structure and paragraph writing.


              In Social Studies, we’re going to take a closer look at how we fit in our world, starting with the street we live on and going all the way to our planet in the solar system.


    We continue our push with Science. This week we look at next lessons with Microworlds.


    Also, don’t forget about our Family Photo Wall just inside our classroom door. Please send in fun family photos to add to our display! Also, check out the beautiful portraits of your children with our “Who I Am and Where I’m From” culturally responsive work we’ve done in social studies.


    Upcoming Events

    Thursday, December 5: Sacajawea Family Fun Night and Book Fair (Fair goes through week)


    Friday, December 6: Annual Direct Ask Fundraiser deadline - we're aiming for 100% participation regardless of your donation amount. Please return your envelope, even if you aren't giving this year.


    Friday and Saturday, December 13 and 14: Sacajawea Drama Performance (evening)


    Thursday, December 19: Progress Assessments go home


    Friday, December 20: 1-hour early dismissal


    Monday, December 23-Friday, January 3: Seattle Schools Winter Break


    Monday, January 13: Instrumental Music Concert, 6pm



    Student Homework



    Continue reading those good fit chapter books.  Read 20-30 minutes, 5 days a week outside of school.  Students are welcome to “check out” a book from the Room 102 library at their current reading level if this helps for home reading. You can also ask me for suggestions on books based on what they are choosing to read at school. Consider all those important elements of stories we’ve been learning about when you are reading your books: characters, setting, plot, point of view and conflict or problem. Share how one of your main characters change or develop; discuss the conflict or problem that is happening and predict what you think might happen in with the plot. Or, share some questions that have been running through your mind while you’ve been reading.J



    Practice your math facts – single digit addition, subtraction, multiplication each night for 5 minutes. 



    Please remember to clean out your binder.  If you have old work or graded work that we are finished with at school, keep it home.


    Proper binder order:

    Notes Home = Left hand pocket of binder’s cover (Home pocket)

    Pencil pouch = On top of first tab divider. 

    Monthly Calendar

    1st tab divider = Homework section (for Homeroom’s homework)

    2nd tab divider = Math (math classwork and math homework)

    3rd tab divider = ELA (English Language Arts – reading and writing)

    4th tab divider = S/SS (Science and Social Studies)

    5th tab divider = Other (for other subjects)

    A small paper supply goes at the end of the binder.



    Please email