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    102 Community News

                               Week of November 18-22, 2019


    This is a very unusual and special week! The fourth graders have headed off to Islandwood Nature School on Bainbridge Island for a 3-night adventure, while our third graders are at Sacajawea focusing on their learning in school.

    This week in Room 102 Math, we’re putting big focus on learning our single-digit multiplication facts and recognizing strategies that help us with this learning.

    In Reading, we continue looking very carefully at character change and conflict or problem in our texts we are reading during IDR.

    And, this week in Writing, we finish our personal narrative pieces by publishing our finished work in the computer. The final step will be creating a cover and printing out our final work to build our personal narrative books.

              Third graders are also doing some special project work choosing a science topic, reading about it, and writing facts that we learned from our reading; reading about what it was like back in the colonial times and creating drawings about what we imagine it was like back then; and, reading from our Time for Kids magazine about what’s happening in the world.

              Remember, Saturday, November 23rd begins our Family-Teacher conferences. I am including the schedule for you as a reminder for your appointment with me in the room 102 classroom. I’m looking forward to visiting with many of you. Have a great week at home with your families, and

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    Upcoming Events

    Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, November 23, 25, 26: Family-Teacher Conferences

    These are 20-minute conferences where the teacher provides families with input into their child’s progress in the current school year.


    Friday, November 29: Last day of the first trimester


    Thursday, December 5: Sacajawea Family Fun Night and Book Fair (Fair goes through week)


    Friday and Saturday, December 13 and 14: Sacajawea Drama Performance (evening)


    Thursday, December 19: Progress Assessments go home


    Monday, December 23-Friday, January 3: Seattle Schools Winter Break


    Monday, January 13: Instrumental Music Concert, 6pm

    Student Homework


    Continue reading those good fit chapter books.  Read 20-30 minutes, 5 days a week outside of school.  Students are welcome to “check out” a book from the Room 102 library at their current reading level if this helps for home reading. You can also ask me for suggestions on books based on what they are choosing to read at school. Consider all those important elements of stories we’ve been learning about when you are reading your books: characters, setting, plot, point of view and conflict or problem. Share how one of your main characters change or develop; discuss the conflict or problem that is happening and predict what you think might happen in with the plot!J



    Practice your math facts – single digit addition, subtraction, multiplication each night for 5 minutes. 



    Please remember to clean out your binder.  If you have old work or graded work that we are finished with at school, keep it home.


    Proper binder order:

    Notes Home = Left hand pocket of binder’s cover (Home pocket)

    Pencil pouch = On top of first tab divider. 

    Monthly Calendar

    1st tab divider = Homework section (for Homeroom’s homework)

    2nd tab divider = Math (math classwork and math homework)

    3rd tab divider = ELA (English Language Arts – reading and writing)

    4th tab divider = S/SS (Science and Social Studies)

    5th tab divider = Other (for other subjects)

    A small paper supply goes at the end of the binder.



    Please email me at: