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    102 Community News 

    Week of October 21-25, 2019 


    The fieldtrip to Pike Place Market last Thursday was great! Big thanks to all the families who helped us out with driving and chaperoning for the trip. And, thanks also to everyone who sent in the contributions for parking. We were able to offset the costs for drivers by more than half of what they needed to pay to park. 

    This week, students in Room 102 Math are working on Addition with Whole Numbers, dealing with numbers into the thousands. Most days we do some warm up computational fluency, then the lesson with activities, and end with individual practice of concepts. 

    In Reading, we are into our second week of practicing the strategy of Wondering and Questioning. This week, we also received the first weekly reading homework: a reading log. This homework will be due to the classroom every Monday morning. Thanks for your support! 

    In Writing, we finished our unit on the writing process by wrapping up our first published pieces. They are now hanging on our wall in the classroom, complete with a cover illustration and another illustration with the text! This week, we move on to a 4-week unit practicing Personal Narrative writing. 

    Social Studies has us finishing our All About Me posters and “Where I’m From” poems. The 4th grade poem project will hang on the door of each student’s locker. Posters will hang inside the classroom. Please send in any copies of photos your third grade student might want to include on these posters. 

    Science will be kicking off this week, too. And, more work on computer learning with our laptops. Third graders also have their first music class on Friday with Mary and Carmen, while fourth graders will be doing Washington State History lessons. 

    Please send copies of family pictures to hang on our family & community wall. We’ll also be having individual pictures taken of each student. Thank you to Elliott’s mom, Melinda! 

    Upcoming Events 

    Thursday, October 24th, 6pm: Heritage Potluck and General PTA Meeting 

    Wednesday, October 30: Sacajawea Spirit Day – Wear Black and Orange 

    ***Also, our first NEST lesson with our school Nest groups. 

    Looking ahead… 

    Monday, November 18-Thursday, November 21: Islandwood Environmental Learning Adventure for Fourth Graders 

    Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, November 23, 25, 26: 

    Family-Teacher Conferences 

    These are 20 minute conferences where the teacher provides families with input into their child’s progress in the current school year. 

    Student Homework 


    Find a good fit chapter book. Read 20-30 minutes, 5 days a week. Students are welcome to “check out” a book at their current reading level from the Room 102 library or the school library if this helps for home reading. You can also ask for suggestions with book shopping at the public library. I don’t expect students to only read at their independent guided reading level. I do encourage that a part of the home reading be from around this level that they are used to reading at during our IDR (individualized Reading Time). 

    In addition, attached is the home reading log that students need to fill out each time they are reading at home during the week. Doing a reading log is an important way to support student learning growth in setting good homework habits. Students will hand in completed reading logs each Monday morning at the beginning of the day. Thank you for your support in helping your child set these good learning habits at home! 


    Practice your math facts – single digit addition, subtraction, multiplication each night for 5 minutes. Also, look for homework Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday nights pertaining to the lesson of the day. 


    Continue practicing organizing and using your binder. 

    The goal is that there should be no loose papers crammed haphazardly into the binder. Time will be given in the beginning of the year to tidy and organize binders each day. Practice opening, closing, and organizing at home. 

    Questions? Please email me at: