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    102 Community News 

    Week of October 28-November 1, 2019 




    Happy Halloween week, for all you families that celebrate the holiday! No matter whether it’s Halloween, or other harvest happenings, this time of year is a special time of warmth and fun for many. I hope you enjoy your week, whatever you do! 

    We’re going to keep it pretty calm on Halloween, (Thursday, October 31st) in room 102. I’ll have some learning activities that respond to this fun time of year, but I figure students who celebrate this holiday will be busy with fun at home during the evening, so they can rest up during the day. 😊 

    The day before, Wednesday, October 30th, is going to be busier for us at Sacajawea though. Since it’s the last Wednesday of the month, we will be doing our Sacajawea Spirit Day, and the theme will be in honor of the spooky holiday. Students may dress up in black and orange colors for the day. Then, after second lunch, we will have our first “Nest” experience this year at Sacajawea. All students, from kindergarten to 5th grade, are divided into groups called “nests,” in honor of our school mascot, the Sacajawea Eagles. J We will be meeting with our “nests” right after second lunch for the last part of the early-release day to do a fun “getting to know you” activity to start the year. 

    The students have earned yet another Gotcha party as a reward for all their random acts of kindness throughout the school in the past few weeks. We will do the party on Friday, November 1st during part of the afternoon. Students are welcome to wear pajamas, bring a stuffed animal or blanket, and a favorite treat to share with their class (we have 22 students in our class). 

    Math moves on to subtraction into the thousands this week. We look at different strategies that can be used to solve these problems, especially those tricky ones that have a lot of zeroes in the numbers being subtracted! Each week is made up of lessons with white board computation, small group activities and individual practice of concepts. 

    In Reading, we are continuing our last week of working on questioning and wondering about expository non-fiction texts. 

    And, this week in Writing, we continue to work on personal narrative writing. We are exploring the use of sensory details in our writing personal true stories. 

    We are kicking off our first Science unit this week. We’ll be studying Microworlds. 

    As well, laptop learning is a big deal in room 102. Students are using them for reading non-fiction texts on Raz-Kids, improving typing skills, and building research skills for various learning assignments. 


    Upcoming Events 


    Wednesday, October 30: Sacajawea Spirit Day – Wear Black and Orange 

    ***Also, our first NEST lesson with our school Nest groups. 


    Looking ahead… 


    Monday, November 18-Thursday, November 21: Islandwood Environmental Learning Adventure for Fourth Graders 



    Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, November 23, 25, 26: 

    Family-Teacher Conferences 

    These are 20-minute conferences where the teacher provides families with input into their child’s progress in the current school year. 




    Student Homework 


    Find a good fit chapter book. Read 20-30 minutes, 5 days a week. Students are welcome to “check out” a book at their current reading level from the Room 102 library or the school library if this helps for home reading. You can also ask for suggestions with book shopping at the public library. I don’t expect students to only read at their independent guided reading level. I do encourage that a part of the home reading be from around this level that they are used to reading at during our IDR (individualized Reading Time). 

    In addition, attached is the home reading log that students need to fill out each time they are reading at home during the week. Doing a reading log is an important way to support student learning growth in setting good homework habits. Students will hand in completed reading logs each Monday morning at the beginning of the day. So, this week’s log is due next Monday, November 5th. Thank you for your support in helping your child set these good learning habits at home! 

    This week, remember to tell someone in your family about what you are wondering and asking questions about in your reading.J 





    Practice your math facts – single digit addition, subtraction, multiplication each night for 5 minutes. Also, we are working on long-form subtraction into the thousands. I’ve sent home a Family Letter with an activity you can do at home. Please support your child in doing the activity to practice this week’s important learning. Thank you! 



    Continue practicing organizing and using your binder. 

    The goal is that there should be no loose papers crammed haphazardly into the binder. 

    Proper binder order: 

    Notes Home = Left hand pocket of binder’s cover (Home pocket) 

    Pencil pouch = On top of first tab divider. 

    Monthly Calendar 

    1st tab divider = Homework section (for Homeroom’s homework) 

    2nd tab divider = Math (math classwork and math homework) 

    3rd tab divider = ELA (English Language Arts – reading and writing) 

    4th tab divider = S/SS (Science and Social Studies) 

    5th tab divider = Other (for other subjects) 

    A small paper supply goes at the end of the binder. 


    Questions? Please email me at: