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    102 Community News

                               Week of October 14, 2019                                  


              Here we are, half-way through October! We will be heading off on the fieldtrip to Pike Place Market on Thursday, with the volunteer support from many of our families! Thank you to Carol Baxter-Clubine, George Clubine, Rishi Hemsell, Jin Kyu Jung, Micaela Adams, and Todd Merkens, who are sharing their time with us, in order to help make this adventure happen for the students. As a reminder, please make sure your students have lunches (unless they are doing school lunch) and are dressed in weather-appropriate clothing for the day.  

    This week, students in Room 102 Math will work on rounding whole numbers into the ten thousand’s and students are working hard at justifying their answers. Students are moving from simply giving the answer to a problem, to explaining their solution with numbers, pictures and words.

    In Reading, we are working on wondering and questioning with expository non-fiction text. With each new skill, students practice these strategies during Individualized Reading Time (I.D.R.). Ask your child what book they are reading right now.

    In Writing, we continue our work with the writing process. This week, we will take time to proof-read our work carefully before publishing our first third or fourth grade piece. We’ll be hanging these assignments on our classroom wall as we complete them. I’ll let you know when they are up and ready to view!

              Social Studies continues to be our study about ourselves and our community. Third graders are finishing their “All About Me posters”; and fourth graders are editing, revising and publishing their poems about “Where I’m From.” I’m seeing some very creative efforts from all!

    We are also wanting family pictures to come in to hang on our “Important Pieces of the Puzzle” community wall. Also, Elliott’s mom, Melinda Hurst Frye, has volunteered to take outdoor portraits of each of our students. Thank you so much! We’ll be doing this sometime in the coming weeks. And then these portraits will also be on our Community wall. 😊


    Science will be kicking off in the days ahead. More on this next week.

    I look forward to another great week of learning and sharing about ourselves. Please review the homework section of this newsletter for the home learning your child will be focusing on this week.


    Upcoming Events


    Friday, October 18th: Flu Shot Clinic at Sacajawea and Move-athon pledges due back to school


    Thursday, October 24th, 6pm: Heritage Potluck and General PTA Meeting


    Wednesday, October 30th: Sacajawea Spirit Day – Wear Black and Orange


    Monday, November 18-Thursday, November 21: Islandwood Environmental Learning Adventure for Fourth Graders:


    Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, November 23, 25, 26:

    Family-Teacher Conferences

    These are 20-minute conferences where the teacher provides families with input into their child’s progress in the current school year.

    (I will be sending out the Conference Sign-up Roster in the next few days)


    Student Homework


    Find a good fit chapter book.  Read 20-30 minutes, 5 days a week outside of school.  Students are welcome to “check out” a book at their current reading level from the Room 102 library or the school library if this helps for home reading. You can also ask me for suggestions for book shopping at the public library based on what students are choosing to read at school. I don’t expect students to only read at their independent guided reading level. I do encourage that a part of the home reading be from around this level that they are used to reading at during our IDR (individualized Reading Time).


    In addition, look for a new home reading log that I would like students to fill out each time they are reading at home during the week. I will send this out starting next week. If they read more than 5 times in the week, they are welcome to share about this learning on the back of the log (or not). Doing this log is an important way to support student learning growth in setting good homework habits. Students will hand in completed reading logs each Monday morning at the beginning of the day. Thank you for your support in helping your child set these good learning habits at home!



    Practice your math facts – single digit addition, subtraction, multiplication each night for 5 minutes.  Also, look for homework Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday nights pertaining to the lesson of the day.



    Continue practicing organizing and using your binder. 

    The goal is that there should be no loose papers crammed haphazardly into the binder.  Time will be given in the beginning of the year to tidy and organize binders each day.  Practice opening, closing, and organizing at home.


    Proper binder order:

    Notes Home = Left hand pocket of binder’s cover (Home pocket)

    Pencil pouch = On top of first tab divider. 

    Monthly Calendar

    1st tab divider = Homework section (for Homeroom’s homework)

    2nd tab divider = Math (math classwork and math homework)

    3rd tab divider = ELA (English Language Arts – reading and writing)

    4th tab divider = S/SS (Science and Social Studies)

    5th tab divider = Other (for other subjects)

    A small paper supply goes at the end of the binder.


    Questions?  Please email me at: