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    Here we are in the last week of September and students in room 102 are already becoming “professional” 3rd and 4th graders!

              During Literacy lessons (reading and writing), we’ve been especially busy. Last Friday, we wrapped up our first unit in Reading. Monday you received a letter explaining what they learned about during these lessons. Information like this is sent home in the home section of the binder (inside cover pocket). We are also continuing our first writing unit. Students are writing in IDEA books for writing time and Reading Response Books when writing about reading.

    Our spelling program is not going to begin until October.  How students’ progress through this word study learning will be flexible based on their individual needs. We will also do a study of vocabulary based on the words we learn about during some of our literacy lessons. This work will begin in the weeks ahead, as well.

              As we continue our study about ourselves and how we fit in our world in social studies, students are working on some finishing touches for their time capsule materials. I’ve asked students to bring in a small token, about the size of a quarter, that represents a symbol for what is meaningful for them (it could be a “special” marble or rock, a lucky penny, a copy of a photograph of those they love that can be folded). We will put these items in our time capsules. The time capsules will be decorated with tissue in a rainbow of colors and then handed over to me for secret burial. Shhhh, these special treasures will be hiding in plain sight somewhere close by!! We’ll dig them up in the Spring!

    In social studies, we will begin our work about history and our world with a focus on innerworkings of the Pike Place Market community. As part of this study, we will be making a fieldtrip to the market. For fourth graders who did this field trip last year, we will be doing a different emphasis with the trip – thinking about history and entrepreneurship, instead of history and community. This week, the fieldtrip packet for our first trip to Pike Place Market is coming out. Please remember to turn in your fieldtrip authorization form and lunch form for our school planning (they were due back early next week). We are asking for a small amount of money to be donated for those driving and chaperoning for the fieldtrip since parking in downtown Seattle is very expensive. Thank you for your support! Most importantly, we need enough drivers who can take 3 or more students for our market adventure. We will need at least 5-6 drivers to help us out. I hope you’ll consider helping us out – thanks so much!

    I will be reaching out to the parent volunteers who are interested in working in the classroom during the next few weeks. I am hoping to set up a schedule so it is very easy for you to plan your time here in Room 102 at Sacajawea. Thank you so much for donating your time to this important need for the students. It is a wonderful way of understanding first-hand what is happening in your child’s classroom. I also want to thank all those who are able to do work at home for our class. I will be sharing my plans for your work after the Curriculum Night on the evening of Thursday, October 3rd. Also, if you are a family member without the ability to dedicate a certain time each week, but could occasionally drop in, you are more than welcome. When I had my sons in elementary school, some years I went in every single week. Other years, it was whenever I could make it. I so appreciated the teachers who were willing to accommodate my schedule and know how much I wanted to be a part of my child’s academic day. Let me know if you’re available and we’ll work something out!

    Instrumental music for fourth graders started this week. Lessons happen on Mondays at Sacajawea. Students receive a 40-minute lesson each week focusing on the instrument they are learning to play. Students work with the instrumental music teacher, Mr. Yarr. When the student leaves the classroom for their 40-minute lesson, their assigned timing is dictated by the instrument they have decided to learn how to play. All students from the fourth and fifth grade classrooms are included in the appropriate lesson time for that instrument (example: If the student is playing the violin, they all leave their classrooms and go to the lesson with Mr. Yarr together). Hopefully this makes sense. If you have more questions, please reach out to Mr. Yarr or the office staff.

    If 4th and 5th grade students are interested in participating in the after-school theater experience at Sacajawea, the paperwork that came home last week needs to be send in by this Wednesday (tomorrow). Thank you!

    One last fourth grader note: students in fourth and fifth grade will be going to Islandwood overnight camp on Bainbridge Island the week of November 18th. During this School Overnight Program, students do field investigations, practice collaborative problem solving, and engage with peers from other classrooms and schools. In the process, they discover more about their world and the positive impact they can have on their environment and community. There will be more information on this in the weeks ahead. We will be having an Islandwood Information Night on the same night as Curriculum Night, right after the time in classrooms has finished for the evening.

    Finally, thank you, for meeting with me for the family partnership conferences. This is a great way for the adults in the family to share what they know about their child with me. If you haven’t set up your conferences, please send me an email or note in the HOME section of the binder and I will schedule a 10-minute conference time with you. I will also reach out to these families this week, as well. My email is:



    Upcoming Events


    Sacajawea Spirit Day – September: Wednesday, September 25 – all day

    Students are encouraged to dress in school colors: blue and silver. 😊


    Curriculum Night and Islandwood Information Night:  Thursday, October 3, 6pm

    We will be discussing the school year in general and answering questions. Then, for fourth grade families, the Islandwood Information Night will happen in the lunchroom.


    Pike Place Market Fieldtrip: Thursday, October 17


    School Picture Day: Tuesday, October 15


    Move-a-thon: Thursday, October 3


    Heritage Potluck and General PTA Meeting: Thursday, October 24th, 6pm.

    Islandwood Overnight Outdoor Education Center: Monday, November 18-Thursday, November 21