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    News and Information for Volunteers

    All School Volunteers:  please note the requirements for Seattle School District Volunteers; click here for the requirements.

    When you come to school to volunteer:

    Please sign in and out at the school office when volunteering at school, and please wear a volunteer badge.  We need to know the location of everyone in the building in case of an emergency. Also sign in for hours spent on field trips or any work you do at home--we love to see those volunteer hours add up each year!

    Seeking Sacajawea Art Docents!

    Dear Sacajawea Families,

    Our wonderful Arts and Culture focus is building momentum for the year!  A key element is the art docent program.  We need a parent volunteer for each classroom who would be willing to prepare and present an art project.  The instructions for the projects will be given to you.   All you need to do is carry them out.  No art background is needed.  The teacher in the classroom will support you with classroom management and offer guidance.  We also have parents in the building who have experience that would be happy speak with you.

    Please contact Web Peirce if you have an interest and want to know more!  With your help, this will be a great year for the arts at Sacajawea!

    Thank you! Sharon Rings (Kindergarten Teacher) and Web Peirce (Parent)

    Getting Started as a Volunteer

    Seattle Public Schools is grateful for each parent and community member who contributes to the success of students. We have thousands of volunteers who work in a variety of capacities in Seattle Public Schools. In order to provide students with a safe environment and allow for a variety of opportunities for volunteering all volunteer work must be done under the direction of an assigned teacher, site volunteer coordinator, principal or vice principal.

    At Sacajawea Elementary, Ann Schlossman, our Volunteer Coordinator is available to assist parents/volunteers and answer their questions regarding volunteering at Sacajawea.

    Volunteering Check List

    STEP 1:  Complete the Volunteer Application Packet (4 Pages). Volunteer paperwork needs to be filled out by every volunteer once an academic year. Applications are available online or you can ask the office for a copy of the Application Packet.  At Sacajawea, this includes a volunteer interest and a volunteer leadership form which are not required to volunteer.

    Step 2:  View the Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention Video

    • If you already viewed the video in the past you do not need to view it again. However please note your completion on page 4.

    STEP 3:  Turn in your application to the office or the volunteer coordinator, Ann Schlossman (Ms. Ann),

    STEP 4:  The Volunteer Coordinator/Contact will ask to view your ID and run a background check.

    • A background check is mandatory once each school year. We appreciate your patience with this process. 
    • Depending on the type of volunteer position you are applying for you might need to undergo a more intensive background checking process. For example, if you would like to drive for a field trip or be an overnight chaperon, there are additional forms. Your coordinator will be able to assist you with additional information about this policy.

    Please note: While all volunteers must be screened through the background check (WATCH system). A criminal history does not automatically disqualify one from volunteering in the schools.

    STEP 5:  While you are waiting for approval please read the Volunteer Handbook for additional info and tips to consider while volunteering with SPS.  

    If you would like to volunteer in a specific classroom, please contact the classroom teacher as well as providing the school with your paperwork. We look forward to working with you at Sacajawea this year!