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    Sacajawea Elementary School

    9501 20th Ave. NE., Seattle, WA 98115

    Instructions for Student Drop-off and Pick-up

    Map showing parent parking on NE 94th St.

    Morning Drop-off

    Use NE 98th Street, turn onto 20th Ave NE and proceed south only on 20th Ave NE for school drop-off in the morning. Please do not make u-turns on 20th after dropping off your student.

    Afternoon Pick-up

    Drive north only on 17th Ave NE. Cars will turn east and line up down the hill on NE 96th. If you arrive early, please turn off vehicle engine while waiting. When you see your child waiting with the drop-off supervisor, use your blinker before moving into traffic to the pick-up space. As your car moves into position to pick up, your student will be given clearance by the pick-up supervisor to get into your car. Proceed south and east to 20th Ave NE after picking up your student.

    Parents who want to park and come Into the building~ Please use the parking lot on 94th next to the Sacajawea park. Our staff has grown and will fill the Sacajawea parking lot. We have also lost the street parking with the new sidewalks.

    Picking Up Your child from Classroom

    On Lower primary level: Please stay off of the walkway and wait on the playground, away from classroom windows as this can be disruptive to the students and interferes with the bus lines. We need our students’ safe during this transition time after school.

    Please also keep in mind:

    • Teachers are teaching until the very end of the school day, if you need to pick up your child before the bell rings, you must check them out in the office.
    • Younger siblings playing outside while waiting can also be disruptive, so please be attentive to this.
    • School rules apply even after school. So please don’t allow your children to climb the poles, hang the hoops, play fight, etc.

    In the building: Please keep voices down and avoid the main hallway until after the bell rings.