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    Teacher:  Chelsea Vaught, Room 108

    My approach to teaching centers on the idea that all students can engagein visual art as “real” artists and find meaningful forms ofself-expression.  I like to use contemporary artists and concepts in myclasses, but I base lessons in traditional elements and principles. Thisyear I hope my students will challenge themselves, grow as creative andthoughtful people and have fun!

    We are starting off the year in Visual Arts with a focus on line and shape, and each class is creating art with a seasonal fall theme--just in time for the drop in temperatures

    SM4 students are creating mixed-media pieces by making leaf prints in paint then tracing leaves over the paint in oil pastel (after it’s had a chance to dry).

    4th and 5th grade students are drawing still lifes from observation using pencil, and will begin to use pencils of different grades to show value (areas of light and dark) in their drawings.

    2nd and 3rd grade students are working on oil pastel still life drawings, learning to blend colors with pastels and draw shapes from the objects they see.

    Kindergarten and 1st grade students are creating abstract line drawings using oil pastel and chalk, reflecting their feelings about the first month of school. These drawings will then become “frames” for portraits they will draw of each other.