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    All grade levels incorporate the school's Yearly Geographic Focus into the social studies curriculum.  The geographic focus for the 2016/2017 school year is Africa.

      Heroes, Ourselves and Our Families

    First Grade:  Families and Neighborhoods Story Path Unit.  The focus is on building communities and relationships both in the classroom and in the world, as well as problem solving and being good citizens.  Students learn the difference between needs and wants, about timelines, and about maps and globes.

    Second Grade:  The focus is on Communities and how goods and services are exchanged and used in different communities.  We use The Second Step curriculum to develop students' social skills.  There is also a unit on the history of slavery and segregation.

    Multi-age, 2nd & 3rd Grade:  Identity and Differences, Perseverance and Investigation, Justice and My History.

    Fourth Grade:  History and Geography of Washington State.

    Fifth Grade:  Early American History from the European Explorers to Colonial America; events leading up to the American Revolution.

    Grades 4 & 5:  Family Life and Sexual Health or FLASH, a combination of health and social studies.