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    The Seattle School District provides a hands-on, minds-on Science curriculum that changes with each trimester.

    Kindergarten:  Wood, Fabric, Animals 2 X 2

    First Grade:  Balls & Ramps, Organisms, Weather

    Second Grade:  Liquids & Solids, Soils, Balancing & Weighing

    Third Grade:  Plant Growth, Sound, Rocks & Minerals

    Fourth Grade:  Circuits & Pathways, Food Chemistry, Ecosystems

    Fifth Grade:  Microworlds, Land & Water, Models & Designs

    The Grades 4 & 5 yearly camping trip to IslandWood Environmental Learning Center on Bainbridge Island is also part of the yearly science curriculum for those grades.

    Students at all grade levels are able to explore science individually and present their knowledge to the school community at the yearly Sacajawea Math and Science Fair (February 25 at 6 PM).